Rosetta started writing poetry at a young age, which provided her with a voice and form of creative, self-expression.
In 2009, Rosetta was awarded the NZSA mentorship with Elizabeth Smither, who encouraged Rosetta to try writing prose and poetry together,
as they feed one another. Rosetta had not considered writing prose before this.

Rosetta went on to complete a poetry course under the guidance of Paula Green, and then with Siobhan Harvey. By 2010, she had two volumes 
of poetry published: Little Rock — illustrated by Martin Poppelwell, and Over Lunch — illustrated by Brian Gregory. Capricious Memory won 
first-equal alongside Janet Charman in the IWW Kathleen Grattan Prize for Best Sequence of Poetry, with Jack Ross saying the collection was 
‘focussed and intense, and some of the best poetry I have read.’ Jo Emeney commented that Rosetta’s style was ‘adventurous with form and this is a strength.’ That same year, Rosetta won first-equal with Renee Liang for the Metonymy Award’s Best Poem, judged by Riemke Ensing. 
Rosetta has continued to contribute to local poetry by judging competitions, emceeing events, teaching and giving talks. She has since taken 
Elizabeth Smither’s advice, and ventured into writing prose, infusing poetic techniques into her work. 

Rosetta Allan


Hey now about the chalking published in Magazine, 2008

Both Feet Walking and The Groove published in Blackmail Press ezine Crossed Cultures issue, 2008

Uncle published in NZ Poetry 38, guest editor Jack Ross, 2009

Counting Time published in NZ Poetry Society’s A Fine Line, 2008

Polandia and Forty Five Degrees published in Live Lines 2, 2008

Old men in my garden published in Takahe, 2009

Afternoon Repose published in Blackmail Press ezine, Secrets, 2009

He leaves her to put everything away and Fuzz published in Interlitq, issue 16, 2012

A mother reads published in Poetry NZ 44, 2012

Genetic shift, Woodville revisited, and The tobacco tin and other distractions published in Eye Street Anthology, 2012

Photos I have worn published 2013 in Whitireia NZ’s 4th Floor 2013 anthology – special edition for the 20th anniversary.

Mt Eden P published in Live Lines 5 anthology, 2013

Safe, and Woodville Revisited published in Broadsheet edition in honour of Riemke Ensing, 2017  

The tobacco tin and other distractions published in Ika 3, MIT, 2015.