Rosetta at SPEAKEASY Writers Fest July 2022

Be inspired by the power of words July 2022 at the SPEAKEASY Writers Fest.

Join Rosetta at the SPEAKEASY Writers Fest, part of the Taranaki Arts Festival, Saturday 9 July at 4.00pm in the 4th Wall Theatre.

The SPEAKEASY Writers Fest allows book lovers to share conversations with nine of the most captivating and award-winning authors, poets, adventurers, and scholars in Aotearoa today. 

Each of the featured authors has a compelling story or two to share. Their books have been selected for the beautiful way they allow readers to discover and explore elements of everyday life, letting them into the lives of others and connecting to characters as they overcome difficulties and challenges. 

Over two days, we’re inviting you to push your mind to be observant, let curiosity take over, and challenge your perceptions
with modern literature. Our featured authors are ready to take you on a journey with their words as you travel with them across the pages of their books.