Wordfest – Calgary, Canada 2019

Another Time, Another Place
Tea & Sustenance
The Way We Wear

Rosetta is a guest speaker at three events during the 2019 Wordfest in Calgary, Canada:

Another Time, Another Place. An evening of readings and conversation with four authors whose new novels take us time travelling around the world. On the itinerary: Soviet Russia in Rosetta Allan’s The Unreliable People; wartime Berlin in Armando Lucas Correa’s The Daughter’s Tale; Africa in the 1950s in Anthony De Sa’s Children of the Moon and the South Pacific in the early 1900s in Marina Endicott’s The Difference.

Tea & Sustenance. In Rosetta Allan’s Unreliable People, an art student’s quest for identity is informed by politics, pregnancy, and the intergenerational trauma of her ancestors, the exiled Koryo-saram people. Difference, isolation, and art also feature in Audrée Wilhelmy’s The Body of the Beast, her award-winning Quebecois Gothic tale recently translated to English. Hosted by Susan Ouriou.

The Way We Wear. This audience favourite returns for the third year. Eight stylish authors open their closets and share the significance of an item of clothing or accessory that defines them. A sartorial storytelling event that’s guaranteed to get you thinking about the meaning behind what’s in your closet. Hosted by Victor Dwyer. 

For this event Rosetta will be joined by: Armando Lucas Correa, Ivan Coyote, Jason Logan, Ruby Porter (NZ),
Andrew Pyper and Humble the Poet.