Crazy Love Book Launch

It's ironic that Rosetta's third novel, Crazy Love, ends with Auckland City in lockdown, and on the night of the book launch Auckland and the rest of New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown. Carole from The Womens Bookshop was positioned at the door with Crazy Love books piled high, the canap├ęs and wine selection were divine and the cocktail of the night, fluffy ducks, were fabulous. Just as Amelia Langford started the introductions for the event, the emergency mobile alert buzzed through our phones, adding to the surrealness of the evening, knowing that within a few hours our entire country would once again go into lockdown. Paula Morris and Harriet Allan welcomed the book into the world before Rosetta took the microphone to read from Crazy Love.

Thank you to Justin Okis of VPR productions who captured the evening: